The World of Chinese Podcast: Pilot

This is the pilot episode of The World of Chinese podcast featuring Tyler Roney and myself along with David Dawson and Hattie Liu.

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Kids react positively to Gay Marriage

Now this one surprised me at first. Just being told that children had been asked their opinion on gay marriage immediately made me presume they would reject it as absurd, or be squeamish about it. Well, because they’re kids.

They’re not expected to have much of a developed thought process. Certainly not much of reasoned thinking in them. Well, at least I didn’t.

Suppose that says more about me as a child than it does anyone else to be honest. ANYWAY, getting back to the point, children were shown two videos of a gay man and lesbian woman proposing to their respective partners. Is there another gender qualifying for the ‘lesbian’ title by the way? Honest question.

Here’s how they reacted. This video is on 9 News, but other networks may be carrying it as well. (Do NOT sue me over copyright anyone. I’ve no money anyway)

Children react to Gay Marriage

This issue seems to have had the whole of humankind in a tizzy for as long as anyone cares to remember. The age-old arguments, which shocked me when I first heard them as a teenager.

Of course, now I’ve heard the same stunted points so many times over the years it hardly surprises me anymore. It’s usually the tried and tested gambit.

Oh it’s unnatural and If god wanted people to be gay then he would have given them the ability to have children as well.

Yes because that’s the only reason we have sex. To have children. Cue up your forefinger and thumb to go on your forehead. HINT: it’s supposed to make a sign…

These silly illogical arguments have held back our otherwise forward leaps in society. Racism has been denounced for a long time now, wife-beating isn’t considered a hobby or a recreational sport anymore, and thank heavens for that.

But hang on, you’re…you mean you sleep with…you want to say you’re going to marry your own…wait you’re gay? Shock! Horror!

Adults across the world have been reacting like this for quite a while now. People, otherwise meant to be educated and mature, and basically sensible people with a working brain, decent civilised citizens of wherever, have somehow not quite managed to get a complete handle on this topic.

Yet when kids were shown videos of homosexual people proposing to their partners, they responded the way everyone should have been since the beginning of time.

I wish I was there in the room during this session. I’d have bought them each a Lego set or something. Anything you like kids, because you’ve made me very, very happy.