Documentary Update

We started off by interviewing people on the various issues surrounding nuclear energy in the UK and the safety aspects which have concerned people since Fukushima.

Opinions, though widely varied on the scale, indicated a scepticism towards the continuation of nuclear energy in the UK.

Germany’s withdrawl from all nuclear plans following the events at Fukushima, seems to have raised a question mark at Britain not following in the footsteps of the third largest economy in the world.

Interviews with members of Greenpeace UK and the Stop Hinkley Project seems to have opened a window to view the nuclear energy differently.

The question of safety being the key issue for this documentary, the answers point towards a distinct possibility of danger, albeit carrying a very narrow chance.

Other points which seem to negate Britain’s safety is the economical aspect of decommissioning and building new nuclear plants.

Claims of the nuclear industry reducing Britain’s carbon footprint, have also been met with indifference, due to the reported carbon emissions it would take to set up a station as well as decommission it.

most of these points, seemingly anti-nuclear, weren’t helped by the nuclear industry’s reluctance to get involved in this debate.

The story should come alive on the editing table.

Back on track

After a fair few delays for various reasons which don’t need going in to, the initial idea scrapped, etcetera…the documentary is back on track.

Currently we’ll be looking in to Nuclear Power in the UK.

Post Fukushima, a number of concerns were raised on the role of nuclear energy and whether it endangered the safety of those involved, as well the wider population.

Given the effects of the Tsunami and earthquake on the Fukushima nuclear plant, this was only natural.

It prompted our energy secretary Chris Huhne, to announce a review in to the way nuclear energy worked in Britain. Several months on, the preliminary report prepared by Mike Weightman, has suggested some changes beyond which the use of nuclear power is still very much alive and active.

We’ll be examining the situation further, with a look in to exactly how any changes made can ensure an enhancing of the safety factor related to nuclear energy.

Opinions will be featured from all ends of the spectrum – from those strongly in favour to those against it and even the ones who haven’t quite made up their minds on the matter. The reasons behind their opinions and the knowledge accompanying it.

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