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Coutinho after the match winner against Manchester City

The post match article on Live4Liverpool Magazine after the Man City win.

Aftermath of Liverpool’s Man Utd triumph

Liverpool’s Psychological Victory Over Manchester United

Liverpool’s Joe Allen battling with Manchester United’s Robin van Persie


An analysis on Live4Liverpool magazine, of The Reds’ 3-0 victory over north-west rivals Manchester United, in their own backyard.

Liverpool with perfect chance for new adrenaline

Coming back to the Barclays Premier League from an international break is never easy.

The momentum from the period before the team broke up to join their respective national sides can sometimes be tricky rediscover immediately.

However, it also gives a possible advantage to sides who hit the ground running again and this weekend’s Merseyside derby  at Goodison Park will be the perfect opportunity for Brendan Rodgers‘ men to do that.

That is of course, in addition to the excitement and fire in bellies required to do well in one of the most explosive fixtures of English football.

The latest Live4Liverpool article ‘No game better to inject a fresh dose of adrenaline’ explores that among other things.