The World of Chinese Podcast: Pilot

This is the pilot episode of The World of Chinese podcast featuring Tyler Roney and myself along with David Dawson and Hattie Liu.

Listen below and more details onĀ

Documentary Update

I’ve managed to make some contact with relevant people for the project.

The worrying thing isn’t getting contacts and interviews sorted though, it’s managing other requirements before I can book a ticket and set definite dates for shooting the documentary.

There’s still an outstanding issue with my passport which I just can’t seem to get resolved (unless waiting and wondering counts), without which this whole plan is null and void.

Need to find a new place to live within the next 10 weeks so 3 cheers to my landlord for dropping that bombshell on me the other day; he was fairly considerate about it mind as he asked me how I was doing first, before handing me the envelope containing what I keep wishing was a death sentence instead.

Anyway, suppose it’s all part of the experience. One of my closest friends always said “Soldier on Ab!”. Wasn’t quite on the same context (it was to prevent me from falling asleep at 5 am following a night of heavy drinking talking absolute gutter) but think it’ll work anyway.

Meanwhile I’ve started writing as a columnist on Live4Liverpool magazine and my first article came out last week.

It’s a bit shameless showboating really, this. But the profession I’m trying to make a mark in, we’ve been told, this is the only way of getting your foot through the door.

So come on people, open up them doors would yeh!