US Politics in split

The Obama administration lost control in the House of Representatives last week and nearly did the Senate as well.

With new speaker meant to be a republican, the Senate and House of representatives seems to be in a split, making it a tricky time for US politics.

Phillip Breeden, Foreign¬†Affairs spokesperson for US Embassy in London,¬†feels it still isn’t a very unusual scenario for American politics.

Listen here.

Ello Election

Constituency for Cardiff North seems a banter house for the usual suspects standing in the general elections. Julie Morgan, Jonathan Evans, and co. all will be standing for their respective parties and the votes determining their fates for the next 5 years will be counted on the night of May 6.

Should be interesting to report on the outcome, whilst wrestling with the barrage of information a stringer reporter is meant to have pocketed away somewhere in his brain. I am still awaiting my press pass, which I might have to pick up at the election count office at the Welsh Institute of Sport in Sophia Gardens.

It is probably too well that I have arranged to stay the night at a friend’s place in Cardiff given the results will be declared at 2am on Friday morning May 7, which would need me to wait at least 3 1/2 hours for the first train back home. If all goes well, I may be able to get the results through to my bosses and get back soon enough to enjoy a quick cold one with a couple of friends – that’s right, at 2 in the morning.

Never mind professional journalists, us budding-starting out-still hoping to make it somewhere-journalists are the worst. Trust me. Oh no wait, you can’t you? According to reports, journalists are one of the least trusted people in this country. Well then…