Quelling overhype

With Liverpool routing Fulham 4-0 over the weekend and bouncing back from the Arsenal defeat at The Emirates, some sections of supporters have been talking about the Anfield fear factor returning again.

Those of you unfamiliar with English football, Anfield is the home stadium of Liverpool Football Club and for a number of years they’ve been exceptionally good playing at home, to the point of terrorising many top sides facing the prospect of going there.

Over the past few years this hasn’t been the case, with Liverpool’s dip in fortunes since 2010 onwards, teams have found it easier to play Liverpool and beat them, home or away.

This season has been different however with a good start and some decent performances leaving Liverpool 2nd on the Barclays Premier League table for now.

But to say Liverpool have returned to being a fearsome side at home may seem a bit of a hype.

My latest article on Live4Liverpool, Anfield almost a fortress, explores those issues in more detail.

Wake-up call for Rodgers and co.

This Sunday’s 2-0 loss to Arsenal at The Emirates pretty much showed how inconsistent Liverpool still are and how much more they need to improve their overall performances week in, week out.

Arsenal displayed exactly what Liverpool didn’t – resilience.

They’re not my words.

They’re the Arsenal manager’s.