Post-Eurovision intrigues in the Caucasus: what happened in the public vote?

Gender, Peace and Protest

When I was a kid, Ireland won the Eurovision four times in five years (between 1992 and 1996). In retrospect, those were the golden years, leading us into the economic boom of the Celtic Tiger and the political windfall of the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement. I remember ditches filled with primroses; I remember waking up to find cows wandering around the garden and staring in our front window. But it was also a time of uncertainty and change. I remember hearing the heady debates on the car radio, as Ireland squeaked towards a referendum on divorce – our second attempt, and one which only passed by a margin of less than 10,000 votes. The Woman Who Walked Into Doors, a novel about a battered woman (as they were then called), was at that time controversial enough to be discussed by ten-year-olds in the school playground.

To try to sum the rest of…

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A Letter to the Mother of My Step Children

Living, Loving, Laughing...

I know I am not the perfect step-in parent for your children. I make mistakes. I misjudge. I get frustrated, confused, and conflicted. It’s a tight wire balance of being too close and being too far.

I don’t want to overstep my boundaries. And yet, I sometimes lose track of the rule book. I don’t always know what to expect. And even when I think I do, I realize how far-off the beaten path I really am. I manage the best I can for them. Not necessarily as another parent, but someone who loves being in their life. Someone who cares for them, because I care for their Dad. But, I fail. I try. I fail. Then I brush myself off and hope you can forgive me.

From the first moment I met them, I wanted them to know I could never replace you, nor would I want…

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Could this BE any more 90s?

Buzzfeed presents the top 33 one liners from the Friends character Chandler Muriel Bing (played by Matthew Perry).

If you didn’t already know the last detail in the brackets, maybe this isn’t for you to begin with.

Why English football can never undo the disservice it did Bobby Moore


English football’s failure to acknowledge 1966 World Cup-winning captain Bobby Moore in his lifetime remains a cloud over the game which can never be removed, despite honours like this statue outside West Ham’s Boleyn Ground (Picture: Getty Images)

Next week, Sir Trevor Brooking will become only the second recipient of West Ham’s Lifetime Achievement award. He follows in the footsteps of Billy Bonds, and few people can challenge him in terms of deserving such a honour. There was one who can, though; however his lack of acknowledgement in his lifetime is a black mark that can never be erased. Bobby Moore.

In the 21 years since the shockingly early death of West Ham and England’s greatest ever player at just 51 from bowel cancer, honours and tributes to old pros have become par for the course. But the fact Moore had to wait for posthumous bocquets rather than garlands around his neck when…

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