The Legacy of the Uyghur Rock Icon Exmetjan

the art of life in chinese central asia

People still remember where they were the day Exmetjan[1] died. It was Thursday, June 13, 1991. He was only 22 years old.

As is common with the death of an icon, many people refused to believe he was gone. Instead rumors spread that thugs from a rival disco had knifed him in a back alley or that he had faked his death and gone abroad to marry a princess.

Exmetjan had been in Ürümchi preparing for a concert across the then (relatively) open border with Kazakhstan when he died. Back in those days before the train reached Kashgar and the highway stretched across the desert to Hotan, it was difficult to carry bodies home for burial. There were no freezer trucks. After a long and bumpy ride around the desert Exmetjan arrived in his hometown of Qarakash (near Hotan) covered in celery and ice against the smell of rot…

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