Was Sir Alex Ferguson’s selection of David Moyes his biggest mistake at Manchester United?

Nope. Keep Moyes. This is so much more fun…


Manchester United boss David Moyes has endured a terrible year at Old Trafford (Picture: Getty Images)

During his glorious 27 years as manager at Old Trafford, collecting a glut of trophies along the way, Sir Alex Ferguson was successful in limiting any major errors on his part to a minimum.

However perhaps the biggest mistake Ferguson will be remembered for was recommending to his board that the man who should replace him in the hot seat was David Moyes, and now sadly for their fans the chickens are coming home to roost on that poor decision as Manchester United’s fall from grace is now making them a laughing stock in the English game.

Sunday’s 3-0 humbling at the hands of Liverpool added further evidence of Moyes’s inabilities of displaying any tactical acumen nor the sufficient capability of handling the task of managing one of the biggest clubs in world football.

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