Teenager suffers three heart attacks after drinking ten Jägerbombs in two hours


Jayde Dinsdale in hospital after she was put into a coma following a night out where she drank 10 Jagerbombs. See SWNS story SWBOMB; A teenager suffered three heart attacks and "died" on her bathroom floor after necking TEN caffeine-filled Jagerbombs on a night out. Jayde Dinsdale, 18, downed the shots - made of Jagermeister spirit and Red Bull - on a two-for-one night out with pals. But after the alcohol wore off the caffeine in her system took control of her heart rate - causing it to accelerate dangerously out of control. Her terrified parents watched her suffer two cardiac arrests while they frantically tried to bring her back to life. Lucky to be alive: Jayde Dinsdale survived three cardiac arrests and spent three weeks in hospital (Picture: SWNS)

A teenager’s heart stopped three times and she had to be put in a coma after a two-hour Jägerbomb binge.

Student Jayde Dinsdale drank ten cocktails of the spirit Jägermeister and energy drink Red Bull on a two-for-one night.

But eight hours later, the 18-year-old collapsed in the bathroom at home and her life was saved by her father Darryl, 38, performing CPR learned from TV adverts starring Vinnie Jones.

Jayde, who spent 52 hours in a medically induced coma, is convinced the caffeine in the energy drinks was to blame and is calling for controls on their sale.

She said: ‘I hope people will think twice about drinking energy drinks. They could be deadly.’

The tourism and travel student said she spent two hours at a club on her night out…

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