Definitely Maybe and nine other things that are 20, yes 20, years old


Oasis' album Definitely Maybe Oasis’ album Definitely Maybe is 20 (Picture: PA)

Remember Oasis’ Definitely Maybe? It was out a few years ago, when you were at school, wasn’t it?

Wrong. It was out nearly 20 YEARS AGO. Twenty. That’s how much older you are now. Not only are you now old enough to get excited about rumours of a reunion – you probably didn’t realise these things were two decades old either.

You better be impressed by these – I got my old scrapbooks out and everything (remember, we didn’t have the internet back then).

1. Blossom and Blossom-based fashion

This US TV series ran from ’91-’95 – staple evening viewing in 1994. If you ever had a floppy velvet hat, an early crush on Joey Lawrence or can still sing Nothin’ My Love Can’t Fix you are truly a child of the 90s. Non-believers – yes, that is a young Amy from…

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How a Boy, His Horse and a Swamp Basically Screwed Up a Generation

International House of Geek

You hear about it, every now and then.  About rising rates of depression among 18-30 year olds.  About how many people in my own generation are being medicated for depression.  And they have a lot of theories.

But those theories are wrong.  Because I know why we are so messed up.

We more than likely have a shared childhood trauma.

Because we were the first generation that would have had the opportunity to see the movie The Never Ending Story at an impressionable age.

In case you haven’t seen the movie, or for whatever reason have repressed this trauma, and don’t know what I’m talking about, let me explain.  See, in the movie, the hero, Atreyu, starts off his journey to save a magical land along with his horse, Artax.

Atreyu and Artax are best friends.


And this is awesome, right?  This kid has a horse and it is an…

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