Following Liverpool’s 5-0 thrashing of Tottenham


Last weekend was perhaps one of the best performances seen from this Liverpool side which came out as 5-0 winners away at Tottenham Hotspur.

The latest Live4Liverpool article  ‘Liverpool discover benefits of applying themselves‘ analyses the pros and cons of the performance, as well as a look ahead at the upcoming challenges for Brendan Rodgers’ side.

England’s Ashes chances on the run

This article ‘Perth turnaround difficult; not impossible‘ on The Cricket Magazine assesses England’s chances of a seemingly unlikely comeback against Australia in the 3rd Ashes test.

2-0 down in the series already, Alastair Cook and his men face the test of their careers.

How I Began Turning A Monster Into A Fly / Part 2

stopping anxiety disorder naturally

The Answer Was Right There

I quickly realized that who I surrounded myself with I became! My environment had a massive impact on how I thought, felt and even acted. The more I hung around and practiced with better tennis players than me, the faster I improved my own tennis game. The more anxiety forums I became attached to daily sharing how bad my day went and my fears of the future, the bigger the hole was that i was digging myself into.

By the doctor saying that I needed a fresh perspective that will lead to a new beginning, I quickly realized it meant that I needed to put myself in an environment that could make my anxiety disorder issues look much smaller then what I made it out to be. I did the one thing I always deep down wanted to do, I booked a visit to the…

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