Documentary Update

I’ve managed to make some contact with relevant people for the project.

The worrying thing isn’t getting contacts and interviews sorted though, it’s managing other requirements before I can book a ticket and set definite dates for shooting the documentary.

There’s still an outstanding issue with my passport which I just can’t seem to get resolved (unless waiting and wondering counts), without which this whole plan is null and void.

Need to find a new place to live within the next 10 weeks so 3 cheers to my landlord for dropping that bombshell on me the other day; he was fairly considerate about it mind as he asked me how I was doing first, before handing me the envelope containing what I keep wishing was a death sentence instead.

Anyway, suppose it’s all part of the experience. One of my closest friends always said “Soldier on Ab!”. Wasn’t quite on the same context (it was to prevent me from falling asleep at 5 am following a night of heavy drinking talking absolute gutter) but think it’ll work anyway.

Meanwhile I’ve started writing as a columnist on Live4Liverpool magazine and my first article came out last week.

It’s a bit shameless showboating really, this. But the profession I’m trying to make a mark in, we’ve been told, this is the only way of getting your foot through the door.

So come on people, open up them doors would yeh!

Beginning the Journey

It’s going to have to be a bit of long one – making a documentary. The planning alone has taken up most of my energy and I’m not even a quarter of the way there yet.

Establishing contacts, getting a clear understanding of the story, etc, etc. Then again, got to start somewhere so might as well get the hard bits out of the way first.

The master-plan in a nutshell (there’s my first deliberate pun – refer to blog title if confused) is to make a TV documentary on the student-political situation in West Bengal, India.

This sounds banal, but at home in Britain, our understanding and knowledge of student involvement in politics, is limited to students protesting against cuts and causing a tiff in london – some arrests, a few windows broken, etc. Most importantly, it lasted for a day, two at best.

In West Bengal, politically charged students would be part of different parties (West Bengal has two prominent ones) and political rivalry in Bengal isn’t normally kept limited to a war of words, or intellectual debates where one hopes to catch out the other and make them look stupid.

It doesn’t take much for things to take a violent turn there, in the truest sense of the word. Students get killed; sometimes caught in the middle of two sides fighting, or at the hands of riot police.

There are many other ways and instances. Of course, the way politics works in West bengal would have to be fairly different to ours, and that’s the aim of the documentary.

To find out how the ideological thinking of getting students involved in politics, comes to a point where their lives could be in jeopardy as a direct consequence of their activities with the political parties they’re affiliated to.

This is going to be a long one. The work required will be strenous on it’s own, but the added arrangements and logisitical details required , make this a potential nightmare.

Watch this space for updates…