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My latest column on The Sprout E-Magazine is up live right now.

Feel a bit futile writing about reality television shows when so much else is going on, worth our attentions.

But some of what I’ve seen over the last week has been nothing short of irritating.

Consider the article on Sprout as an outburst.

Comment, savour, enjoy, the whole 9 yards…

Prince William to marry Kate Middleton

The news is in, they’re going to tie the knot (seems a colloquial term to use on royalty) and the cameras are already following Miss Middleton all over the place.

Sky has already run a footage of Kate walking out of her house and past the paparazzi photographers, running it parallel to a footage of (you guessed it Daily Express readers !) Princess Diana, in a similar predicament.

We may have finally found our new Princess Di and god help us if Princess K is even half as explosive as the nation’s original goddess.

US Politics in split

The Obama administration lost control in the House of Representatives last week and nearly did the Senate as well.

With new speaker meant to be a republican, the Senate and House of representatives seems to be in a split, making it a tricky time for US politics.

Phillip Breeden, Foreign Affairs spokesperson for US Embassy in London, feels it still isn’t a very unusual scenario for American politics.

Listen here.