The real deal with Benitez, Parry, and the Americans (Insight/Analysis)

This saga between Liverpool Football Club manager Benitez, Parry and the American Tycoons Gillett and Hicks relating to the buying of players over summer continues to rub on, as the Spanish manager begins to come more under pressure due to on field performances which fall beyond expectations of fans as well as the board members.


This story in particular was followed and covered so widely, because of the numerous online sources following up and updating this story. Obviously the club’s official website put up glimpses of the saga with little interviews here and there from the manager. But because the website tends more to echo the fan’s and in particular the KOP’s sentiments, it chose to restrict extensive coverage of the issue except for the few major developments regarding it. The rest of the British media was however was quick to catch onto every statement made from either side, every diplomatic answer to a question related to the feud was interpreted and published until the two articles in the links of the main story came out. That was when the three – way battle cleared into a two – sided war with Tom Hicks clearly siding with Benitez by demanding Rick Parry’s resignation, while George Gillett continued to support Parry.


Of course with the fans rallying for him, the Spaniard felt secured enough to declare an open demand of getting the backing of the owners else threatening to resign. He knows very well, the board would not do anything that goes against the much vocal Liverpool supporters and neither are any one of the Americans such bad businessmen to fire the man their primary source of revenue showed such massive support for ie. the fans. This obviously put him in a position to call the shots which he did the moment he got the opportunity to.

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