BAFTA Cymru committee member addresses business students at Assembly funded seminar

BAFTA Cymru committee member and former chair person Dr. Glenda Jones was at the University of Glamorgan to speak to business students about entrepreneurial skills. The event was part of a larger scheme by the British government to train business students throughout UK.


Students from University of Glamorgan who had joined the team were the brains behind this seminar and it was funded by the Welsh Assembly Government. Dr. Jones spoke to other students about how to set up successful businesses as well as of her own experiences when she started first started out.


It is the first time that Intern Enterprise has had members from the University of Glamorgan and according to one of the student members, this seminar is the first of a series of events at the university. Despite the university students never enjoying the benefits of Intern Enterprises’ efforts before simply because of the lack of membership, the current bunch of students part of it are confident these events will only help the business students at what they hope to be able to do once they graduate.


Dr. Jones, having been at BBC for 15 years before joining BAFTA Cymru and chairing it from 2003 -2005, was herself pleased by the efforts put in by the organising students. ‘I really think it’s important to take the initiative for young business students who want to be successful and these students have done just that’, she said.


Her speech lasted for about an hour after which she took some questions from the students. ‘People will turn your ideas down at first’, she said to one student, ‘but if you have a solid plan then don’t give up.’


She was seen chatting to more students at the buffet following the seminar and she took her leave by saying, ‘Remember to keep trying because with business, it is all down to you.’

Benitez demands explanation from Parry

Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez has demanded an explanation from Chief Executive of the Football Club, Rick Parry regarding reports of him knowing about the meeting of the club’s American co-owners with Juergen Klinsmann about being a possible replacement for the Spaniard.


The first reports emerged sometime in january earlier this year, which mentioned the American duo of George Gillett and Tom Hicks meeting twice with former Germany coach, Klinsmann. Now further reports have revealed the presence of Parry at both meetings which went on without the knowledge of Benitez.


Many at Anfield fear a failure to clarify the present situation of turmoil may lead to the departure of the Spaniard who is target of big guns such as AC Milan and Real Madrid.


Benitez gives ultimatum to American owners Gillett and Hicks

Liverpool manager has asked his employers at Anfield to back him or else he would quit for another European team. They came from the Spaniard after he spoke to the press about the current boardroom turmoil following his team’s emphatic victories against Arsenal in the champions League semi final and Blackburn Rovers in the premiership.

Months ago, reports had leaked that the club’s American owners. George Gillett and Tom Hicks had met twice with former Germany coach Juergen Klinsmann regarding him replacing Benitez this summer. Both Gillett and Hicks had denied it as a move to force Benitez out, claiming it was only to discuss a backup option if Benitez were to leave on his own for Spanish champions Real Madrid.

Now more reports have revealed the presence of the Club board including Chief Executive Rick Parry, and it was all done without the knowledge of the manager. This has reportedly incensed Benitez, whose relationship with Parry was already troubled over the past over feuds of handling player signings. Now he is demanding an explanation and a clarification of the situation, claiming it has now become impossible for him to work with Parry in an environment of trust.

Off late however, Hicks has appeared to back Benitez and even asked Parry to resign, indicating the balance in favour of the Spaniard. Gillett though, has not appeared so keen to back Benitez as his own relationship with his club’s co-owner continues to deteriorate since Hicks blocked the take over talks of Dubai company DIC, which was interested in buying his partner’s 50% share at the club; something Gillett was keen on as well.

The balance of favour at Anfield remains in question but the news of Parry and the board going behind Benitez’s back to attend the meeting with Klinsmann appears to have put Parry and Benitez’s relationship beyond repair. But the Spaniard insists, this off-field turmoil will not affect his team’s performances in some important games coming up in the fight for fourth place in the premiership and the much hyped semi final clash with Chelsea in the Champions League for a third time in four years.

The real deal with Benitez, Parry, and the Americans (Insight/Analysis)

This saga between Liverpool Football Club manager Benitez, Parry and the American Tycoons Gillett and Hicks relating to the buying of players over summer continues to rub on, as the Spanish manager begins to come more under pressure due to on field performances which fall beyond expectations of fans as well as the board members.


This story in particular was followed and covered so widely, because of the numerous online sources following up and updating this story. Obviously the club’s official website put up glimpses of the saga with little interviews here and there from the manager. But because the website tends more to echo the fan’s and in particular the KOP’s sentiments, it chose to restrict extensive coverage of the issue except for the few major developments regarding it. The rest of the British media was however was quick to catch onto every statement made from either side, every diplomatic answer to a question related to the feud was interpreted and published until the two articles in the links of the main story came out. That was when the three – way battle cleared into a two – sided war with Tom Hicks clearly siding with Benitez by demanding Rick Parry’s resignation, while George Gillett continued to support Parry.


Of course with the fans rallying for him, the Spaniard felt secured enough to declare an open demand of getting the backing of the owners else threatening to resign. He knows very well, the board would not do anything that goes against the much vocal Liverpool supporters and neither are any one of the Americans such bad businessmen to fire the man their primary source of revenue showed such massive support for ie. the fans. This obviously put him in a position to call the shots which he did the moment he got the opportunity to.