Bloggers and Journalism

There has surfaced out of nowhere, this intense arguement about the roleplay of bloggers in journalism and whether they are the saviours of journalism which apparently seems to be dying out from its traditional form of the print.

But as this article here (Will Bloggers Save Journalism) suggests, the question is whether bloggers can save journalism on a whole or not. Whether the sudden explosion of people posting information on the web accessible to everyone will be able to resurrect what many largely view nowadays as a tabloid game of scooping up the most spicy stories and no more.

 As the article rightly mentions, newspapers are still making money, still selling large number of copies everyday with readers divided between different newspapers in terms of their readership loyalty. the fact that some newspapers and even channels have been dying out, is not due to the general deterioration of the business of journalism, but merely the inability of a few organisations to meet the fluctuating demands and requirements of the industry.

It is also rightly mentioned that people still prefer the newspaper over the broadcast format of being informed about the world, mainly due to the fact that it is re-accessible at the reader’s own time as opposed to the viewer of a broadcast news service who is restricted by the availability of it.

Now, it’s almost pointless to argue whether bloggers will save journalism or not, for the simple fact that it isn’t on its way down in the first place. It has only taken a temporary dip in some areas as it happens in every area of every business we have today. The number of bloggers will definitely continue to keep growing and if anything else, they will be adding a massive new dimension to the world of journalism. Before the advent of public forums like blogger and myspace and wordspace, the whole business of journalism was about getting news to the people from a particular source which consisted of journalists of varying degrees. Now, what bloggers have done is, they have gone become information sources themselves and that has only added another perspective to the essence of news gathering.

Let’s put it this way, bloggers will be turning the age long one way street of journalism into a two way street, but the question of them saving journalism should never need to arise, as the point should concentrate more along the lines of whether they will enhance the cycle of journalism in any way and the answer to that will be, a massive ‘YES’.

Still proud to be a KOPite

It is this, this very thing that makes us stand out as who we are –


and proud as hell to be a Red. Pressure was on us and we gave it back to the rest of the world more than we got, and Inter Milan had to pay the price as we showed them who the real masters of spirited football really are – it is us and the KOP shall still sing on,

‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’